Young professional woman delayed and inconvenienced by an upset stomach

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NATURAL BOWEL SUPPORT. Help support your body's bowel and gut health with Bio-Mos. Bio-MOS is a natural prebiotic, for men and women, that helps fortify your digestive system whenever you take it and helps to maintain your digestive system’s natural balance.

LOOK AND FEEL YOUR BEST. In the last 10 years, scientists have uncovered the importance of our microbial health for our overall health. We now know that nurturing the right balance of microbes in your digestive tract through prebiotic foods promotes optimal digestive and immune function, promotes healthy weight loss and metabolism, discourages the growth of unfriendly bacteria and yeasts and and supports energy levels.

ALL NATURAL AND SAFE. Bio-Mos helps to control bowel movements, and aids in the Digestive System by fighting  off the bad bacteria present in the stomach. 100% Safe, Natural, GMP made product with no chemicals or preservatives. No Need for Refrigeration. 

“As an experienced supplement user, I wish to express that, no product usage in the past has shown more effectively observed timely results ,than products of the Alltech brands promotes for these purposes” - Al.